Lisa Catalfamo-Flores:

  • Loves dogs and animals more than people
  • Believes in working for the greater good and living just outside the lines of societal expectations
  • Plants too many dahlias
  • A quarter century of Social Work (so far) (LMSW)

Omar Flores:

  • Self-taught Mexican chef extraordinaire
  • Curious, observant, interested, interesting, quiet (initially)
  • Will use his superb masonry skills to start a stone project to avoid less preferred tasks
  • Also loves dogs and animals more than people
Poncho  Poncho - The Most Perfect Dog in the World (literally!)
  • Certified Therapy Dog (TDI)
  • Works full time in an elementary school, part time as a ‘farmer’
  • Intuitive, comforting, love personified, everyone’s best friend
Gemma, La Hemmy - She’s a Little Crazy and A LOT of ENERGY
  • The prettiest girl you’ll ever meet
  • Lives for her Squeak and Farmer Flores (Omar)
  • Needs her space and quiet time
Chapo El Chapo, Chops -Our Giant Baby Dog
  • Ponch’s little brother, snores loudly
  • Serious ‘Wild and Crazy Guy’ vibes
  • A fierce guardian yet prefers to ‘work’ from the comfort of his kingsized human bed
Angelina, La Madre, our Pocket Pyrenees -The Undercover Lover
  • Queso Queen and Calcetine Bandit
  • It’s not you, it's her (!)
  • Definitely the boss of us all, prefers to work a little and lounge a lot

Cheeto & Francisco

  • Brothers gifted to us last year
  • Purring Motor Boats and SnuggleBugs
  • Fierce hunters who also like to make ‘air biscuits’


Meet our Herd! 

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

  • Olive -Sassy, too smart for her own good, independent
  • Nina -Sweet and demure, a real beauty inside and out
  • Six -’Aunt Six’ is our only non-bred doe, she prefers to be the “cool aunt”
  • Cora -Has been known to masquerade as a ‘mean girl’ but is really just misunderstood
  • Penny -Cora’s slightly smaller, moonspotted sister, steady-eddy, reliable girl
  • Finn- A true gentleman, the sweetest temperament & handsome too
  • Atlas -Baby Daddy, young stud, thinks he’s ‘all that’ -just might be!

2021 Spring Babies/Kids

  • Freddie -Only son to Nina and a real looker!
  • Max Jones -One of Olive’s twin boys, beautiful markings, mischievous, snuggly
  • Domino McDonald -Olive’s other twin, wears a couple of cute polka dots, also snuggly
  • Hazel -One of Cora’s quads, as sweet as her namesake!
  • Pip -Another of Cora’s quads, ‘Pip with the White Tip’ is proving to be an adventurous girl, caught several times outside the fence eating the flowers
  • Peanut Butter -Third sister of Cora’s quads and all around sweetie pie
  • Dynamite -The last of Cora’s quads and the only buck, has an impressive vertical leap
  • Milky Way -One of the triplets from Penny, mostly white (milky) and a ridiculously adorable buck
  • Higgins -A spitfire and the other buck from Penny, too cool for school
  • Pimento -The lone girl of Penny’s triplets, tiny but mighty
  • Baby Jane -Literally the sweetest little lady, from Duagwyn Farm
  • Zep -A silver buckling also from Duagwyn Farm with big herdsire plans