Dove Haven Farm

Dove Haven Farm started in earnest about 20 + years ago when I arrived home to find a 10x10 animal pen half covered by a blue tarp, with two goats in it, situated about five feet off my front porch. There was no barn or pasture to speak of, yet our evolution as ‘farmers’ had begun. Since that day we have learned a lot and improved a lot. We still tend to take on projects by putting the cart before the horse, but that style of forced development seems to suit us well!

Now we are home to about 20 adult Nigerian Dwarf goats and by the first week of June 2024 our Nigerian Dwarf herd is likely to nearly double in size once all of our babies are born. Since our early days of chicken hoarding, (don’t judge, chicken obsession is real!) we have settled into a more manageable flock of around 75 colored egg layers and a few good roosters. We are servants to 2 so-called-barn-cats, and last but certainly not least, we have the 5 greatest dogs in the world, two Great Pyrenees and three Australian Shepherds. You can learn more about some of our animals on our Meet the Residents page. In addition to being home to all of these animals, we are also a flower farm specializing in dahlias and zinnias, and other cut flowers for bouquets. 

Since we spend all of our time here, we thought it might be time to invite others to join us! Consider a visit, try a goat yoga class, or allow us to host your next family excursion, private event, birthday party, or farm outing. Hope to see you soon!

*About the name...We had an exceptionally hard time naming our farm, but ultimately, my late father and I shared a love of mourning doves, which can be heard most of the year when working around the farm. As far as being a “haven”, we’re told the farm has certainly felt like a safe place and refuge to many who have passed through thus far. You’ll have to come see for yourself if it lives up to it’s moniker.

Meet the Residents